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Archiving a Course

Archiving a course creates a permanent record of a course, including all the content and user interactions. It preserves the course organization, student records, discussions, tests, pools and attached documents in a zipped file that may be restored to Blackboard later. You are responsible for making an archive copy of your course.

To archive your own course, take the following steps:

  1. Create a folder on your L: drive, into which you will save the archived course.

  2. Logon to your course.

  3. Click on the Control Panel link.

  4. Click on Archive Course (in the Course Options area).

  5. Click the Submit button.

  6. Right click on the link that reads "Click the right mouse button and select Save As".

  7. From the drop down menu, choose "Save Target As".

  8. Select the folder you created on the L: drive from the Save in: box.

  9. Click the Save button.

  10. Wait until the archiving is complete and click the OK button. (Note: you may see some "Warning" messages in the Archive Log. This is common and not cause for alarm. If you are concerned, please contact Distance Learning.)

Warning! All of the content in your course will be archived, with the exception of the grade information! If you want to have a copy of the Gradebook, you will need to first download it into an Excel spreadsheet and then upload it as a .csv file.

To download the Gradebook, take the following steps:

  1. In the Control Panel, click on the Gradebook under Assessment

  2. Click on the Download Grades button

  3. Choose the "Comma" delimiter type

  4. Click on the Download button

  5. Click Open; the gradebook will open as an Excel spreadsheet.

  6. Click File > Save As > Desktop > Choose Folder by double clicking

  7. Type the name of the file

  8. Click Save

  9. Close the Excel spreadsheet view

To upload the Gradebook, take the following steps:

  1. In the Control Panel, click on the Gradebook under Assessment.

  2. Click on the Upload Grades button.

  3. Browse to the folder where you saved the Gradebook.

  4. Double click on the Gradebook gb_export.csv file.

  5. Choose the items you want to upload.

  6. Choose the destination column for the uploaded date (or select "Create New Gradebook Item").

  7. Click Submit.

  8. Add or modify the information as necessary.

  9. Select desired options.

  10. Click Submit.

  11. Choose the students whose grades you want to import (or click on Select All).

  12. Click Submit.

  13. Click OK.

  14. Click OK again.

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