Computer, E-mail and Internet Requirements for Online Courses

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To participate in an online course, students must have an e-mail account and have access to a computer and the Internet.

Computer Specifications

Internet/Browser Specifications

Browser Notes:
It is recommended that you do not use AOL's browser. If you are using AOL as your ISP, it is suggested that once you are connected to the internet that you minimize your AOL browser and then open a different, more compatible browser, such as Internet Explorer.

Blackboard Users: If you are running Internet Explorer-7 / VISTA and are having trouble posting to the Blackboard Discussion Board or can't answer essay or exam questions in Blackboard, take the following steps to fix the problem:

  1. Logon to Blackboard

  2. On your "Welcome" page, on the left side, is the box labeled "Tools."

  3. Click on "Personal Information."

  4. Click on "Set Visual Text Box Editor Options."

  5. Under "Manage Visual Text Box Editor," click "Unavailable."

  6. Click "Submit."

  7. Click "OK."

Other Requirements

Note: Students are responsible for their own software and equipment maintenance and setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

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