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Copying and Moving Course Content

  1. Logon to your course.
  2. Click on the Control Panel link.
  3. Under Content Areas, select the content area that you want to move or copy.
  4. Click the Copy Item button next to the name of the content you want to move or copy.
  5. Optional: To move or copy content to another course, click the arrow on the Destination Course box and select the course you want to move or copy to.
  6. Click the Browse button next to the Destination Folder box.
  7. Select a course location to move or copy to. (Click the plus sign to expand a folder and view its contents.)
  8. Click the Submit button.
  9. Next to Delete Item After Copy?, do one of the following:
  1. Click the OK button.


Need other services related to Blackboard?
Contact Ann Boisselle, Blackboard Coordinator, at Ext. 2462 or or visit the Distance Learning office in the Streeter Annex, Room S-178.

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