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Copying and Pasting a Word Document into a Content Area

  1. Create your document in Word without formatting.

  2. Save the document by choosing Save As and then, in the "Save as Type" drop down box, choose Plain Text(*.txt).

  3. After you have saved your document correctly, highlight the text and choose Edit>Copy.

  4. Return to your Blackboard course shell.

  5. Click on the Control Panel link.

  6. Click on the content area where you want to add the Word document.

  7. Click on Add Item.

  8. Type a name for the item in the Name box.

  9. In the text area, click on the Paste icon in the toolbar. (It looks like a clipboard.) Your Word document will be pasted into the Blackboard text area.

  10. Format your document in Blackboard using the text editor toolbar.

  11. Scroll down to the Options area and select the desired options.

  12. Click Submit and then click OK.

  13. Click OK again.


Need other services related to Blackboard?
Contact Ann Boisselle, Blackboard Coordinator, at Ext. 2462 or or visit the Distance Learning office in the Streeter Annex, Room S-178.

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