1. Scroll down the list of classes (below) until you find the link for your course.
  2. Click on the link. This will take you to your "Orientation Packet".
  3. Read the entire Orientation Packet. Follow the instructions exactly.

Classes will be listed in Blackboard on the first day of the term. Students will be able to start classes when the term begins.


ART-204: History of Western Art

ART-205: History of Western Art

ART-206-02: History of Western Art

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WKS-006-02: Blackboard Introduction

BC-009: 2002 NEC Changes for Electricians (restricted entry)

BC-107: Construction Career Portfolio

BC-114: Basic Estimating

BC-115: Basic Scheduling

BC-204: Residential Construction Codes

BC-205: Commercial and Industrial Codes

BC-230: Home Inspection I: Residential RE Property Orientation

BC-231: Home Inspection II: Interior Systems Evaluation

BC-232: Home Inspection III: Exterior Systems Evaluation

BC-233: Beyond ADA Standards

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BA-101: Intro to Business

BA-111: General Accounting I

BA-131: Intro to Business Computing

BA-156: Applied Economics

BA-160: Purchasing I

BA-161: Purchasing II

BA-205: Solving Communications Problems w/Technology

BA-206: Management Fundamentals

BA-211: Financial Accounting I

BA-212: Financial Accounting II

BA-213: Decision Making w/Accounting Information

BA-216: Cost Accounting

BA-217: Budgeting for Managers

BA-218: Personal Finance

BA-222: Financial Management

BA-223: Principles of Marketing

BA-224: Human Resource Management

BA-226:  Business Law I

BA-227: Business Law II

BA-248: Auditing

BA-249: Retailing

BA-251: Office Management

BA-254: Basic Compensation & Benefits

BA-261: Consumer Behavior

BA-267: Organization Development and Behavior

BA-268: Applied Project Demonstration

BA-285: Human Relations in Business

BT-101: Intro to Online Learning

BT-105: Computerized Accounting I

BT-113: Medical Coding for the Physician's Office

BT-124: Business Editing I

BT-125: Business Editing II

BT-160: Word I

BT-161: Word II

BT-170:  Access

BT-176: Excel

BT-177: Microsoft Project

BT-181: FrontPage

BT-216: Office Procedures

BT-262: Integrated Projects

HTM-100: Intro to the Hospitality Industry (hosted)

HTM-101: Hospitality & Tourism Management (hosted)

HTM-102: Hotel, Restaurant, Travel Law (hosted)

HTM-103: Marketing/Hospitality Industry (hosted)

HTM-104: Intro to Travel & Tourism

HTM-105: Intro to Food/Beverage Industry (hosted)

HTM-106: Intro to the Lodging Industry (hosted)

HTM-107: Sanitation/Safety for Managers (hosted)

HTM-112: Bed & Breakfast Operations (hosted)

HTM-126: Meeting & Event Planning (hosted)

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HD-140-02: Career Exploration (1 credit class)

HD-140-03: Career Exploration (2 credit class)

HD-140-04: Career Exploration (3 credit class)

HD-146-01: Values Clarification

HD-147-02: Decision Making

HD-155: Education Planning: You Decide

HD-209: Job Search Skills

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EL-111: College Study Skills

HD-120: New Student College Success

HD-146: Values Clarification

HD-147: Decision Making

HD-155: Education Planning: You Decide

OS-011: Effective Study Skills

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CS-120-30: Survey of Computing

CS-120-31: Survey of Computing

CS-120-32: Survey of Computing

CS-121: Computer Applications

CS-125H: Web Site Design & HTML

CS-133S: Web Scripting I

CS-133VA: Visual Basic for Applications

CS-133VB: Visual Basic I

CS-135DB-30: Advanced Database

CS-135I: Advanced Internet Applications

CS-135S: Advanced Spreadsheet

CS-135W: Advanced Word Processing

CS-140D: Operating Systems I: DOS

CS-140U: Operating Systems I: Linux/Unix

CS-140W: Operating Systems I: Windows

CS-160: Computer Tech Orientation

CS-178: Intro to the Internet/WWW (hosted)

CS-179: Data Communications Concepts

CS-225: Computer End User Support

CS-235: Visual Basic for Applications

CS-240W: Operating Systems II: Windows

CS-244: Systems Analysis

CS-278: Data Communications Concepts

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CWE-281-06: Cooperative Work Experience I

CWE-281-16: Cooperative Work Experience I

CWE-281-26: Cooperative Work Experience I

CWE-282-06: Cooperative Work Experience II

CWE-282-16: Cooperative Work Experience II

CWE-282-26: Cooperative Work Experience II

CWE-283-06: Cooperative Work Experience III

CWE-283-16: Cooperative Work Experience III

CWE-283-26: Cooperative Work Experience III

CWE-284-06: Cooperative Work Experience Seminar IV

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CJA-101-01: Criminology

CJA-101-02: Criminology

CJA-110-01: Intro to Law Enforcement

CJA-120: Intro to Judicial Process

CJA-122: Criminal Law

CJA-130: Intro to Corrections

CJA-132: Parole & Probation

CJA-140-01: Introduction to Crime Analysis

CJA-141-01: Introduction to Crime Mapping

CJA-142-01: Statistics for Crime Analysis

CJA-143-01: Crime Analysis via Statistical Analysis

CJA-144-01: Crime Analysis/Modus Operandi

CJA-145-01: Crime Analysis Capstone

CJA-146-01: Crime Analysis via Link Analysis

CJA-147-01: Profiling Violent Crimes

CJA-148-01: Crime Scene Analysis: Profiling

CJA-149-01: Research Methods/Crime Analysis

CJA-150-01: Introduction to Police Intelligence

CJA-151-01: Criminal Intelligence Analysis

CJA-152-01: Crime Scene Analysis: Capstone

CJA-153-01: Crime Scene Criminal Intelligence Analysis Capstone

CJA-200: Intro to Community Relations/Policing

CJA-201: Juvenile Delinquency

CJA-243: Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs

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CDT-103: Computer-Aided Drafting I

CDT-105: Computer Aided Drafting II

CDT-107: Computer Aided Drafting III

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EC-201: Principles of Economics: Micro

EC-202: Principles of Economics: Macro

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ED-100-01: Introduction to Education

ED-100-02: Introduction to Education

ED-123-01: Instructional Techniques for Language Arts

ED-123-02: Instructional Techniques for Language Arts

ED-113: Instructional Strategies

ED-229-01: Learning and Development

ED-235-05: Instructional Technology

ED-235-15: Instructional Technology

ED-258: Multi-Cultural Education

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SM-136: Photolithography

SM-160: Semiconductor Processing II

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ENG-106-01: Intro to Literature: Poetry

ENG-215-01: Literature of the Beat Generation

ENG-275-01: The Bible as Literature

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ESH-100-01: Environmental Regulations

ESH-100-02: Environmental Regulations

ESH-101-01: Hazardous Waste Management

ESH-101-02: Hazardous Waste Management

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HDF-260-01: Child Abuse & Neglect

HDF-260-02: Child Abuse & Neglect

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FN-110-01: Personal Nutrition

HE-204-03: Nutrition & Weight Control

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HE-204-03: Nutrition & Weight Control

HE-205-01: Youth Addictions

HE-250: Personal Health (hosted)

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ASE-021: Effective Study Skills

ASE-032: U.S. History I

ASE-033: U.S. History II

ASE-035: Career Exploration

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HST-202: History of the United States

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HOR-132: Pesticide Selection and Use

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HD-140-02: Career Exploration (1 credit)

HD-140-05: Career Exploration (2 Credits)

HD-140-06: Career Exploration (3 Credits)

HD-146: Values Clarification

HD-147: Decision Making

HD-155: Education Planning: You Decide

HDF-260-01: Child Abuse & Neglect

HDF-260-02: Child Abuse & Neglect

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HDF-260-01: Child Abuse & Neglect

HDF-260-02: Child Abuse & Neglect

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MTH-060: Algebra I (on-campus orientation mandatory!)

MTH-065: Algebra II (on-campus orientation mandatory!)

MTH-082: Math for Water Technology

MTH-095: Algebra III (on-campus orientation mandatory!)

MTH-111-20: College Algebra

MTH-243-20: Probability & Statistics

MTH-251-01: Calculus

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MUS-105-01: Music Appreciation

MUS-137-02: Group Guitar

MUS-141: Intro to the Music Business

MUS-206: Music Lit: History of Rock

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PHL-101: Philosophical Problems


BI-101-30: General Biology

BI-102-30: General Biology

BI-103-30: General Biology

BI-234-30: Introductory Microbiology

BI-234-31: Introductory Microbiology

CH-104-30: Introductory Chemistry

CH-105-30: Introductory Chemistry

CH-106-30: Introductory Chemistry

GS-107-30: Astronomy

GS-107-31: Astronomy

PH-121-30: General Astronomy

PH-122-30: General Astronomy

PH-123-30: General Astronomy

WQT-011: Waterworks Operations I

WQT-111: Waterworks Operations I

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SP-111-10: Public Speaking

SP-111-90: Public Speaking

SP-126-02: Communication Between the Sexes

SP-218-01: Interpersonal Communication

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WR-101-02: Communication Skills: Occupational Writing

WR-101-03: Communication Skills: Occupational Writing

WR-121-11: English Composition

WR-121-12: English Composition

WR-121-14: English Composition

WR-121-15: English Composition

WR-121-16: English Composition

WR-121-26: English Composition

WR-121-27: English Composition

WR-121-28: English Composition

WR-121-29: English Composition

WR-121-90: English Composition

WR-122-03: English Composition

WR-122-10: English Composition

WR-122-11: English Composition

WR-122-12: English Composition

WR-122-13: English Composition

WR-122-14: English Composition

WR-122-16: English Composition

WR-122-17: English Composition

WR-122-18: English Composition

WR-122-19: English Composition

WR-123-04: English Composition

WR-123-05: English Composition

WR-123-11: English Composition

WR-227-02: Technical Report Writing

WR-227-03: Technical Report Writing

WR-242-01: Creative Writing: Poetry

WR-245: Advanced Poetry Writing

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ANT-102: Archaeology and Prehistory ("Out of the Past" videos via cable broadcast)

ANT-103: Cultural Anthropology ("Out of the Past" videos via cable broadcast)

EL-111: College Study Skills (Cable Broadcast)

FN-225: Nutrition ("Nutrition Pathways" videos via cable broadcast)

GED-011: GED on TV ("GED on TV" videos via cable broadcast)

HE-204: Nutrition/Weight Control ("Nutrition Pathways" video via cable broadcast)

HE-250: Personal Health ("Living with Health" videos via cable broadcast)

HST-101: History of Western Civilization (must come to campus to watch videos)

HST-103: History of Western Civilization (must come to campus to watch videos)

HST-201: History of Western Civilization (must come to campus to watch videos)

HST-203: History of US (must come to campus to watch videos)

PHL-101: Philosophical Problems ("The Examined Life" videos via cable broadcast)

PS-201: US Government: National Political Process

PSY-110: Psychology: An Overview ("The Human Experience" videos via cable broadcast)

PSY-219: Intro to Abnormal Psychology (Must come to campus to watch videos)

R-210: World Religions (Must come to campus to watch videos)

SOC-204: Intro to Sociology (cable broadcast)

SOC-206: Institutions and Social Change ("Sociological Imagination" videos; must come to campus to watch videos)

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Orientation Packets are not available at this web site for correspondence courses. Please contact the Drafting Department at (503) 657-6958, Ext. 2379 for all information about correspondence courses in Drafting Technology. The following Drafting Technology courses are offered at Clackamas via correspondence:

CAD-141: AutoCAD LT, Level I

CAD-142: AutoCAD LT, Level II

CAD-151: AutoCAD, Level I

CAD-152, AutoCAD, Level II

CAD-153, AutoCAD, Level III

CAD-154, AutoCAD, 3D

CDT-111: Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

CDT-202: Architectural Drafting I

CDT-281, 282, 283, 284: Drafting Technology Accelerated Degree Cooperative Work Experience with Seminar

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