Curriculum Development Funding

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Part of the expense for developing a new online or hybrid course may be funded by a Curriculum Development Grant from Distance Learning.

Funding priority is given to those applicants who complete the Blackboard Essentials workshop and Quality Matters training. For a schedule of workshops, visit this link:


To apply for funding, developers should complete a Letter of Intent, or a Hybrid Course Development Request, which can be found on the college "F" drive at F:\1DistLrn. (Refer to the "Curriculum Development Funding Formulas" below.)

Developers should submit an electronic copy as an e-mail attachment to and a hard copy with the required signatures should be sent via inter-campus mail to Ann Boisselle in S-178.

The Distance Learning Committee reviews all requests for funding and developers are notified of the committee's decision. The committee meets once per term, in October, February, and April. (The committee does not meet during summer term.)

Curriculum Development Grants are paid from the Distance Learning budget. To get paid, complete the "Release of Funds Request" form and send it via e-mail to Ann Boisselle. Distance Learning will prepare an SOA for you and notify you when it is ready for your signature.

 Curriculum Development Funding Formulas 

 Fully online class
Distance Learning will fund the amount that is equivalent for a part time instructor to teach the course for one term (approximately $600 per credit.)

 Hybrid class
Multiply rate of pay for a part time instructor to teach the class times the number of credits for the class. Then multiply the product of that calculation by the percentage that will be delivered online.


70% online, 50% face-to-face class
Rate of pay: $40.46
3 credit class: 33 x $40.46 = $1,335.18
 Formula: $40.46 x 33 = $1,335.18 x 70% = $667.59

 Redevelopment of an existing class
Estimate the number of hours needed for redevelopment and multiply the by the Office Hour (Group 4) rate

Group 4/Office Hour rate of pay = $28.23 x 10 hours = $282.30


Need other services related to Distance Learning?
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