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Essential Computer Skills for Online Students

Students who participate in an online course need to have some familiarity and comfort with using a computer. Tutorials for how to perform some of the basic tasks needed for an online class are listed below:

Operating Your Computer

  • Turning on your computer
  • Identifying the make and model of your computer
  • Identifying the operating system and version number
  • Restarting your computer if it becomes locked up

Using the Internet

  • Connecting to the Internet using a modem
  • Opening a Web page
  • Moving forward and back within a Web page
  • Following a link from one Web page to another
  • Creating a bookmark or saving a favorite web page
  • Saving a Web site locator (URL)
  • Using a search engine to locate information on the Internet
  • Accessing Library electronic resources at Clackamas Community College

Using Email

  • Using email to open and read messages
  • Using email to create and send messages
  • Attaching files to an email message
  • Using email to attach and send a web-page
  • Sending the same email message to more than one person at a time
  • Forwarding email to others
  • Adding an email address to an address book

Understanding the Windows Environment

  • Understanding the terms icon, menu, window, click, double-click, select, drab, button
  • Using the mouse to select and deselect text
  • Using the right mouse button to select tasks: copy, paste, review properties
  • Using the mouse to open and close a program by clicking on an icon
  • Using the "Start" button to execute programs
  • Choosing a command from the menu
  • Moving, resizing or closing windows
  • Knowing the difference between "close" and "exit"
  • Using the scroll bars
  • Switching between open windows
  • Switching between open applications
  • Opening files
  • Saving files
  • Deleting files
  • Creating folders
  • Moving files and folders with Windows Explorer
  • Downloading files and software
  • Installing software

Working with a Word Processor

  • Opening a word processing file
  • Creating a word processing file and editing a file
  • Highlighting, cutting, copying, pasting, and resizing windows
  • Saving a word processing file
  • Printing a word processing file

Need more help?

  • Call the Blackboard Help Desk at 503-657-6958, Ext. 5065
  • E-mail questions to
  • Contact Distance Learning at 503-657-6958, Ext. 2462

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