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Blackboard Basics for Faculty


If you are attempting to send email to your instructor through your Hotmail account and you get a notification that your message could not be delivered, please take the following steps to correct the problem:
  1. Log onto your Hotmail e-mail account.
  1. Your e-mail interface should appear on your screen. On the right, near the top, is a button labeled "Options". Click this button.


  1. Four groups of options will appear. Under the "Junk e-mail" group, click the link for "Safe and blocked senders".


  1. Click the "Safe Senders" link that appears on the next page.


  1. The middle of the next screen is separated into two areas - On the right, is a list of pre-approved sources to receive e-mail from. The left contains a text box, and two buttons. Type your instructors’ e-mail address into the text box, then click the “Add to list” button. Repeat this step for each teacher you which to receive e-mail from.


  1. (insert your teachers e-mail address)
  2. Any other teacher / faculty you may need to communicate with – add their e-mail address to this list.
  1. Make sure all of these names are entered into the "Safe senders and domains" box on the right - if they're not, you may need to re-do the previous step.
  1. Once the names are listed on the right, return to your e-mail by clicking the "Mail" button on the far left menu. Success! You should now be able to communicate with your instructor!