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Course Packet

Instructions for Getting Started in Your Course


Online Course: MTH-243: Probability and Statistics
Course Link: http://www.coursecompass.com (you will need the course ID and the student access code that is bundled with your textbook. See the online orientation for more information.)
Course Start Date: 
Distance Learning classes start on the first day of the term.

Course Description: This is an Online Distance Learning Course, using the CourseCompass course delivery software. Students are not required to come to campus to participate in this course. However, there will be two tests that must be taken either in the Clackamas Testing Center or at a proctored testing center elsewhere. An introduction to topics in algebra using the rule-of-four approach. Designed for review or for the beginner, expressions, equations, and inequalities are explored numerically, symbolically, graphically, and verbally. Prerequisite: Pass MTH-020.

Textbook and Materials: The required textbook for the course is Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data, 2nd edition, Sullivan, Prentice Hall, 2007. In addition, you are required to have a student access code for the MyMathLab/CourseCompass portion of the class. This code comes bundled at no extra charge with the textbook if purchased new in the Clackamas Bookstore or online at www.cccbooks.com. Make sure that you are purchasing the correct book/access code package when buying your book! If you have a copy of the book but do not have the access code, you can purchase one online at www.coursecompass.com when registering for the class. The standalone access code is approximately $50, so keep this in mind if you plan to buy a used book.

Computer Requirements: To participate in this course, students should have the following technology:

Technical Skills Required: To participate in this course, students should be able to:

How an Online Class Works: When students take an online class, they access their course materials over the Internet. Here's a list of things a student might do for an online class:

  1. Register for the course using Clackamas registration procedures and make arrangements to pay tuition and fees.

  2. Purchase textbooks and other materials from the college bookstore.

  3. Create a CourseCompass account, giving access to the course Web site.

  4. Login to the course Web site on the first day of class.

  5. Complete assignments and readings.

  6. Communicate electronically with the instructor and classmates through CourseCompass' Discussion Board and E-Mail tools.

  7. Take tests on the computers in the Clackamas Testing Center (or at another proctored site.)

  8. View grades using Course Compass' Gradebook feature.

How to Get Started in Class: Students who have read all the information in this Course Packet are ready to get log on to the online orientation page at http://math.clackamas.cc.or.us/Kaskowitz

Technical Difficulties? Students who have technical difficulties while participating in an online course have several options to get help. For technical issues in installing and running the software on CourseCompass, there is a Technical Support line at 800-677-6337, open Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. For other questions about the class, send an e-mail to the course instructor right away and describe the problem.