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Naming Convention for Blackboard Course ID Numbers

The Blackboard Course ID number is important to know when you want to have content copied from one course to another. The Course ID number is a unique and permanent identifier for a specific course shell in relation to all shells within the Blackboard system. No two Course ID numbers are the same and Course ID numbers cannot be modified or revised. Course ID numbers provide searchable components that are helpful when using various search tools in Blackboard.

Beginning with Summer term, 2006, Course ID numbers are made up of the following components:

As you can see in the examples below, there are instances where multiple Blackboard course shells are created for different sections of the same course (and for different instructors.)

For example:

Course Number
-Section Number

Followed by
a Dash & Instructor's Initials

Followed by a Dash
& Term for Which This
Shell Copy Will be Used

Results in
the New
Course ID Number

CS-120-30 -DC -su06 CS-120-30-DC-su06
WR-121-12 -AC -su06 WR-121-12-AC-su06
WR-121-13 -JG -su06 WR-121-13-JG-su06
BI:101-01 -HH -su06 BI-101-01-HH-su06
BA:101-03 -CP -su06 BA-101-03-CP-su06
CJA:110-01 -KN -su06 CJA-110-01-KN-su06

*Prior to Summer, 2006, Course ID numbers may have followed a naming convention that is different from the one described here. To locate your Course ID number:


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