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Posting a Studentís Grade to the Gradebook

1.      Logon to your course.

2.      Click on the Control Panel link.

3.      In the Assessment section, click Gradebook. You will see a spreadsheet view of your Gradebook, with student names in the far left column. Items to be graded are shown in the columns to the right of the studentís name. Every student has a value for every Gradebook item. If the value is not a representation of a grade (A, B, C, D, F), one of the following symbols will appear in the column:

        Padlock: Activity in Progress. (A student is currently using the Assessment or Assignment).

        Dash: No Information. A student has not taken the Assessment or has not submitted the Assignment.

        Exclamation Point: Needs Grading. The item has been submitted by the student and needs to be graded by the instructor.

        Question Mark: Gradebook Error.

        Checkmark: Item has been completed by the student.

        Asterisk: Item is not visible.

4.      To enter a grade, put your cursor over the symbol (padlock, dash, etc.) and click. This will open the Modify Grade screen.

5.      Enter the grade.

6.      Click Submit.

7.      Click OK.

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