Curriculum Development Funding

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Release of Funds Request


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Development of the above course has been completed. Please issue an SOA to:


Please send this form via email attachment to Ann Boisselle at Your SOA for curriculum development will be processed by the Distance Learning office and youíll be notified when itís ready for your signature.

 Curriculum Development Funding Formulas 

 Fully online class
Distance Learning will fund the amount that is equivalent for a part time instructor to teach the course for one term (approximately $600 per credit.)

 Hybrid class
Multiply rate of pay for a part time instructor to teach the class times the number of credits for the class. Then multiply the product of that calculation by the percentage that will be delivered online.


70% online, 50% face-to-face class
Rate of pay: $40.46
3 credit class: 33 x $40.46 = $1,335.18
 Formula: $40.46 x 33 = $1,335.18 x 70% = $667.59

 Redevelopment of an existing class
Estimate the number of hours needed for redevelopment and multiply the by the Office Hour (Group 4) rate

Group 4/Office Hour rate of pay = $28.23 x 10 hours = $282.30