Lesson 3


Table of Contents
Preliminary Information
Introduction to the Lesson
Classification of Materials
Dalton's Atomic Theory
Element Names and Symbols
Combinations of Atoms
Atomic Weights
Associated Calculations

Lesson 3

Theory Fundamentals:
Atoms, Elements and Compounds

In this lesson we will focus on elements and compounds. In doing so we will present a rudimentary theory on the nature of elements and compounds. That theory is Dalton's Atomic Theory. In later lessons we will embellish his theory with additional details.

We will use the atoms of Dalton's theory (and modifications of it) to explain and add to what you already know about elements and compounds, particularly the composition of compounds.

As usual, you should begin this lesson by looking at the objectives for the lesson. They tell you what you are expected to know and be able to do when you have completed this lesson.

The Introduction includes descriptions and definitions of "facts", "theories" and other aspects of scientific knowledge. After looking at Dalton's Atomic Theory, we will consider the names and symbols used to represent those atoms and look at how they combine with one another to make compounds. As a part of measuring quantities of elements and compounds you will learn about atomic weights and moles, and, of course, the calculations associated with those quantities.

When you have completed the lesson be sure to wrap-up by taking the self quiz and doing the problem set.


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