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Double Displacement Reactions

Our next type of reaction involves two replacements so they are called double replacement or double displacement reactions.

AgNO3 + HCl rtarrow.gif (850 bytes) AgCl + HNO3

In this equation the silver from the first compound displaces the hydrogen in the second compound, while at the same time that hydrogen is taking the place of the silver in the first compound. This could just as easily be viewed as the NO3 in the first compound and the Cl in the second compound displacing one another. So make note that what is being displaced need not be a simple element.

In the next equation you should be able to see that the iron and hydrogen trade places, or the oxygen and chlorine trade places.

Fe2O3 + HCl rtarrow.gif (850 bytes) FeCl3 + H2O

Again, these equations are not balanced so please take a moment to do that.


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