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Preliminary Information
Introduction to Chemical Equations
Balancing Equations
Using Balanced Equations
Limiting Reagent Problems
Categorizing Chemical Reactions

Lesson 4

Chemical Equations


The purpose of this lesson on chemical equations is to show you how to use chemical equations to represent chemical reactions. This includes learning how to balance chemical equations, and how to use balanced equations to come up with the weight relationships that you need to solve various kinds of chemical problems.

You have already dealt with many chemical reactions, such the electrolysis of water and burning magnesium. You have solved problems involving how much of one chemical will react with another, or how much of this can you get from that, and those kinds of things. You will be doing more of that in this lesson, including more work with limiting reagent problems. In addition, you will learn how to categorize chemical reactions by looking at the equations that are used to represent them.

The general strategy used in this lesson is to provide you with a brief discussion of a particular concept followed by worked-out examples from the workbook, followed by practice problems (again from the workbook) and answers to those problems. You may wish to follow through each page from beginning to end or you may choose to move directly to the practice problems in the workbook after reading about the concept and look at the worked out examples only if you run into problems. Whichever approach you use, be sure to get enough practice that these tasks become routine for you.

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