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Single Replacement Reactions

Now let's look at a slightly more complicated type of reaction. In the reaction shown here

Zn + CuCl2 rtarrow.gif (850 bytes) ZnCl2 + Cu

the zinc is replacing the copper in the compound. This is called a single replacement or single displacement reaction.

In the next equation chlorine is replacing bromine in the compound.

Cl2 + NaBr rtarrow.gif (850 bytes) NaCl + Br2


In the next equation magnesium is replacing or displacing hydrogen in the compound.

Mg + HCl rtarrow.gif (850 bytes) MgCl2 + H2


Notice that, in each case, the reactants were an element and a compound and the products were an element and a compound. The element that was by itself becomes part of a compound and one of the elements that was in a compound comes out to be by itself. This is the essence of a single replacement reaction.

Again, these equations need to be balanced so take a moment to do that.


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