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CH 105
Introductory Chemistry
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Welcome to this home page for Clackamas Community College's Introductory Chemistry course. This web site contains information about the course as a whole (left) and links to each lesson (below).

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CH 105: Introductory Chemistry

Lesson 1 - Gases: Molecules in Motion
Lesson 2 - Solids and Liquids: Molecules/Atoms/Ions in Restricted Motion
Lesson 3 - Solutions: Mixed Molecules/Ions in Motion
Lesson 4 - Solutions: Concentrations
Lesson 5 - Acids and Bases: Introduction
Lesson 6 - Acid-Base Nomenclature & Titration
Lesson 7 - Acid-Base Equilibrium Reactions: Protons in Motion
Lesson 8 - Reaction Rates, Energies, and Equilibrium
Lesson 9 - Electrochemistry: Electrons in Motion
Lesson 10 - Reactions in Solution: Wet Chemistry