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Many of the lessons in this course were created with Macromedia's Authorware.  To view these Authorware modules on line, you will need to install Macromedia's Authorware Web Player.  Or, if you prefer, you can download an executable version of each module instead.

If you are accessing this course from a computer in the chemistry lab in Pauling 165, the computer you are using has already had the correct plug-in installed to view the modules on line.  If you are accessing this course from home, you will need to download and install these programs yourself.

You will find directions for downloading and installing the Authorware Web Player plug-in at Macromedia's download site.    Be sure to download the Authorware Web Player, version 6.5 - full (it must be the full version) that is correct for your computer (PC or Mac), your browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer) and operating system (Windows 95, Windows 3.1, etc.).  

When you have downloaded and installed the Authorware Web Player, proceed to the next page, Authorware Introduction, to test your installation and to learn about the Authorware modules we will use in this course.

If you prefer, you can skip the Authorware plug-in and use the alternate method of downloading executable versions of the Authorware pieces and playing them from your own hard drive.  See the Authorware Download page for a discussion of the pros and cons of this method and directions for doing it. These executable files are also available on CD-ROM from the instructor in the lab for a small fee.


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