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Preliminary Information


Solutions: Concentration



To become familiar with various ways of representing the concentrations of solutions.



You have completed this lesson when you can:

1. Express concentrations of solutions in weight percent, volume percent, or "weight/volume" percent.

2. Define molarity.

3. Calculate molarity, moles of solute, or volume of solutions when given two of these three quantities.

4. Calculate the new molarity when the amount of solvent in a solution is changed (dilution).

5. Determine specie concentrations (and amounts) in ionic solutions given the solution concentration.

6. Use colorimetry to determine the concentration of colored solutions.

7. Given that there are several ways of expressing the concentration of a solution, list the advantages of each and describe the situations in which each is most useful.

8. Write solubility product expressions for ionic compounds.

9. Calculate the numerical value of solubility product constants given the ion concentrations at saturation or the solubility of the compound.

10. Calculate the concentration of one ion in a saturated solution given the concentrations of the other ions and the value of the solubility product constant.



Reading in text:

Find the sections in your text that deal with the following topics and read them.

Solution Concentration
LeChatelier's Principle
Equilibrium Constant Expressions

HBPA-6: Chapter 14 section 6; Chapter 16 section 12

HBPA-7: Chapter 14 section 6; Chapter 16 section 12

Practice problems in text:

HBPA-6: Chapter 14 exercises 51-76; Chapter 16, exercises  89, 91

HBPA-7: Chapter 14 exercises 43-68; Chapter 16, exercises 83-84

To Be Turned In:

Problem Set
Lab report - Colorimetry Experiment


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