Alkyl Halides
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Alkyl Halides

Next in our cavalcade of organic compounds is a class of compounds which have single bonds and which contain the elements carbon, hydrogen, and any of the halogens (chlorine, bromine, iodine, and fluorine). Compounds in this class are called alkyl halides. The alkyl represents one of the alkyl groups which is bonded to a halogen and the halide represents the halogen.

Any atom or group of atoms that serves to make an organic compound different from an alkane is called a functional group. The functional group for an alkyl halide is the halogen atom.

Periodic Table highlighting the halogens.[61pt2.JPG (14878 bytes)]

As we did with the alkanes, we will look at the nomenclature, physical properties and chemical reactions of alkyl halides. You also have some lab work to increase your familiarity with alkyl halides.


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