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Unsaturated Hydrocarbons:

Alkenes, Alkynes, Aromatics

We will open this lesson with a continued discussion about bonding - particularly the arrangement of electrons around the carbon atom. After that we will continue with our study of organic chemistry by looking at several types of compounds which contain multiple bonds between carbon atoms. The compounds we will look at are alkenes, alkynes and aromatic compounds. Collectively, they are referred to as unsaturated compounds, because they are not "saturated" with hydrogen.

As we did with the alkanes and alkyl halides in lesson 1, when we look at these classes of compounds we will consider their structure, functional groups, nomenclature, physical properties, chemical reactions and infrared spectra.

This lesson also focuses on a topic beyond the classes of compounds listed in its title. The special topic for this lesson is hybridization. Hybridization deals with the issue of how the valence electrons of carbon atoms rearrange when carbon atoms bond to other atoms to form molecules.

As we continue adding new classes of organic compounds, to help you organize all the knowledge you are learning, here is a worksheet that you may find useful.  It has a table to fill in; for each class of compound you can write in nomenclature hints, structural features, lab tests, IR absorptions, etc.  (If you choose to print out the worksheet, you will need to choose "landscape" mode in the page set-up.)


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