Effects of Water Loss
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Effects of Water Loss

The importance of water for life can be illustrated using this table. Keep in mind that the human body by weight is approximately 60% water.
So if we consider someone who weighs either 100 pounds or 150 pounds, about 60 or 90 pounds of that is water. Now if these people were to lose anywhere from 3 to 4 pounds of water, they would start to exhibit signs of heat exhaustion. If they were to lose 6 or 9 pounds of water, they would be unable to stand. Salivation would stop and their speech would become slurred and difficult. Losing 12-18 pounds of water, about 20% of the total, would cause delirium, coma and death.
Effects of Water Loss
Body weight 100 lbs 150 lbs  
Water weight 60 90  
Water loss 3 4 heat exhaustion
" 6 9 incapacitation
" 12 18 delirium, coma, death
If this seems like a lot of water to lose, keep in mind that someone who is fasting can lose this much water in only a few days, and an active athlete can lose this much water in a single day.

I think you can see that water is a very important biological compound even though it is not considered to be an organic or biochemical compound.


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