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Viewing Word 2007 Files with Word 2003

Users of Word 2003 can view Word 2007 files with the installation of a compatibility pack. Simply click the below link, and follow the download & installation steps. Once finished, Word should automatically convert 2007 documents into a readable format. This process does not SAVE the document as a word 2003 format though you will need to save a separate copy of the file to do so, using the .doc file extension with the "save as" feature. (See "Converting" instructions below.)

Click here to download the Microsoft Word 2007 Compatibility Pack



Converting Office 2007 documents to Office 2003 format


".docx" Is the default file format in the latest version of Microsoft Word in Office 2007. All documents in the new Office family are based upon an open, standardized specification called Office Open XML. The downside of this, is that ".docx" files are not backwards-compatible with previous versions of Word. To make your files accessible with older versions of Word, you must take the following steps.


1. Open your Microsoft Word document.


2. Click the Office Button (formerly known as the "file menu") located in the top left of your Word window.


3. Mouse-over the "Save As" button. This will expand a sub-menu on the right, allowing you to choose a file type. Select the "Word 97-2003 Document" option.


Microsoft Office Word 2007 Save As options


4. Proceed with the save process type the file name, select which folder you want to save the file in, etc. Once you're finished, click the "save" button; the process is now complete.



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